welp… yea part of portland is in our mission.  i want to say its like the northern part but i still havent figured out the map as well as i had in vancouver.  on tuesday we said bye to more of our investigators and it was so sad.  i love them all so much. our last stop was at the house of a woman who has been through a tonnn and hna patton and i both just feel in love with her.  she is so sweet and thoughtful. well this mean man was living with her,  and her kids didnt like him and the one son kept running away because of him and i was just like ugh.  so i fasted for him to go away…hahhahaha well it was like just part of my fast.  anyways so we went there on tuesday and it turns out that he left!  so i thought that was really awesome.  anyways she is like freaked out to leave her house because how scary the world is.  we taught her about the temple and she really enjoyed it.  i am sad we wont see her for a while but i know the other missionaries will love her just as much.

also on tuesday the new missionaries arrived and we got to take them out and then on wednesday we had transfers!!!!!  my new companion is hermana peterson from utah.  she loves hunting. like LOOOves it. and meat. and she loves wearing jeans. and im grateful i get to train her.

so for transfers everyone goes to the mission office with alll their stuff and then we find out our new companions and then they drove everyone and all their stuff to their new areas.  we got to the church in portland and they gave us our car and cell phone. hahhaha it was so terrible that i didnt buy a GPS. but lucklily the elders in our district are super nice and letting us borrow theirs. so we got to the new apartment (the apartment is very luxouoorious but sooo empty and plain),
unpacked a lil, and we had a meeting with our district. and then yah

and on thursday was the training meeting so we got to drive back up to vancouver. but the training meeting was so cool and i still dont know why i am training because i like dont know anything and now i get to teach what i do know to a new missionary and be a really good example. its a cool experience though.

we live so close to trader joes and i am so happy about that.  portland is so neat and crazy and everyone bikes. and the billboards are cool and the people are cool and i just really like it here.  sunday was stake conference which was GREAT cause president taylor spoke and there were so many talks about the temple. but we didnt get to meet the branch 😦     i’m excited for next week!!!  sorry this was long and all of the information is super irrelevant. thanks for everything.  i now love knocking on doors. well like the first one is still hard but its fun after a while and always just a surprise.  i love talking to all the people!! thanks for being my family and friends.  i love you!


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