Moving to portland…


soo this week we got our transfer information in a letter on Friday.  I was like so ansty the whole day, but my companion reassured me soo many times that id stay in Vancouver.  well yea she was wrong.  I get to go to Portland and train a new missionary!  I am vveeeery excited but also just so nervous. hopefully she is nothing like I was, but we will see tomorrow. so ive been packing and its been really hard to focus.

this week we had some exchanges and Hermana clanton came here and we freaking rocked it. we taught so many lessons and it went really well and all of the people we taught were incredibly prepared so im kind of sad to leave them. but it was good. then we had a sisters conference on Wednesday which was so interesting and overwhelming to have so many girls in one room. but president and his wife are the best and it was way neat.

on Thursday night we were knocking some doors and like no one was really home.  so we just went over to one of our friends house and sang a hymn in Spanish. when we were walking away this couple we know from church ran up and were like we heard you singing!!! and they brought us over to their friends house who is also Hispanic and it was such an awesome member referral thing hahha.

and the other exciting thing that happened: we were going through like past investigators in the area book and chose someone to go visit.  we went over and she was really nice but said she liked her church and she was so happy at her church. she told us about how her husband and his parents had all passed away like last year so we asked about her thoughts on the after life. I explained about the celestial kingom and she asked how do we get there? ahhh it was crazy and awesome and then somehow that transitioned to the book of Mormon, oh she was like yeah I like your church but why do you worship joseph smith.  she had been totally confused by that so we clarified and talked about how we have a prophet on the earth now to help us. and theeen she asked like can I have some information on him.  so we went on her computer and watched one of president monsons conference talks from October! she loved it. it was amazing. and she like commited herself to read more on <> . so yeah that was a beautiful experience.  if only all the investigators had computers.

but great news: we get ipads in December!!!!! everything is amazing. I love being a missionary!  and finaaaally this girl that we have been teaching/inviting to church every week came! for our last sunday here. it was great. speaking of sunday, we got to bear our testimonies in church and then after everyone like wanted to take pictures of us and say bye. I feel bad I never knew when the msisionarys were leaving or anything. but all of them like knew my name and the one little girl was like its my birthday soon, cant you just stay for my birthday please hahaha. but yeah being in the branch has been incredible. im going to miss all of the families so much. they are such amazing people and I hope to be like them one day.  saying goodbye to all the members and investigators is sooo sad but ill probabaly be back soon hahahha.  anyway, I love you and everyone and I always appreciate the notes. thanks for all the support in everything! it means sooo much.  have a such good weekIMG_2153



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