happy halloween from Vancouver


for Halloween we went to a members house who live sooo far away like an hour away in the mountains. they are so  awesome and we had a crazy meal where like there were different names for the food and we choose them and then like had crazy untensils.  it was funny and we also made masks.  but I was sad we didn’t get to dress up.  also on Halloween we had district meeting and elder gomez’s mom sent some mustaches, that’s why there are so many pictures of me with a mustache. it was fun and we walked a lot. now we just always walk a lot cause we can only drive 1200 miles a month. I like walking but its just way more cold now.  thanks for the gloves.

on Wednesday there was the trunk or treat and we like were doing all these things to help our investigators go.  but then it started at like 7 and we got their at 720 and it was already over hahhah so sad and awkward.  but apparently one of them did go and had fun!  yesss.

on Tuesday we had interviews with president taylor and his wife and those were special.  president taylor is awesome and so wise and I am so glad I get to be in this mission.

day of the dead was like on the first and second of November and so many of our investigators don’t celebrate Halloween, but we got to learn about dia de los muertos which is so cool.  people invited us to a festival in Portland but ya obviously we couldn’t go.  we walked to a cemetery but it was too fancy to have such activites hahhaha but it was still neat.  also at the same peoples house that talked to us about the festival, they have a parrot that talks!  I don’t think ive ever really seen one in real life so it was really funny but like weird.

last night was the saddest day probabaly of my mission so far.  we went to visit a family that got baptized this year and they are so amazing but haven’t been to church in like 3 weeks.  at first it was so awkward cause we were just like hey hows it going, we miss you.  and they were like oh yeah todo esta bien…obviously it wasn’t cause they weren’t coming to church.. but after a while they said they know the book of Mormon is true and the church is true. they are just needing some time to wait. the dad doesn’t have the ganas a leer el libro de Mormon y its so sad because they always read together every night. My companion shared a solid scripture and we bore our testimonies. they said they love the missionaries and we are welcome anytime,  but ahh it was so sad and after we left we just cried.  hahah well also I cried when I bore my testimony and said the prayer. they know its true!!  😦

fast sundays are soooo long and Hermana jaeger pointed out that cause it was daylight savings we fasted an extra hour hahhaha but the branch is still fabulous and I love being in it.  transfers are next week ahhhhh who knows what will happen.

oh also so we are teaching someone and the elders are teaching her sister and the other elders are teaching her daughter hahhahahha but they are all so neat and need the atonement soo much.

okay also random but please never send me candy hahahhahah cause then I have to eat it. the less temptations the better

I love you have a great week I am so excited to read your letters!!!



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