sharing the gospel…and her listerine strips

last week we talked to this lady just on the street and then we accidently ran into her again when we were going back. psych… it probably happened for a reason. anywaays we had a lesson with her, just the restoration and it was awesome, she’s such the best. like she is looking for a church and feels the one she goes to now isn’t for her. perfect. her kids are the cutest and yea that was neat.

we went to a baby shower on friday for someone in the branch which was fun and all my friends were there (haha, the kids). they are all adorable and one of them shared her mints with me so then i shared my listerine strips but like then they all wanted it and they loved it but i felt like i was giving them like acid cause it was kind of sketch and none of them knew what it was. and yesterday was the primary program, combined with the english ward. sacrament meeting in english. crazy. it was cool. gosh kids are the cutest though.

the elders are teaching someone and we are teaching her sister. they are both such neat people and i want them to be happy and get blessed and come to church. the one we are teaching really wants to but she feels like there are so many rules and she isnt good enough yet.  we definitely explained to her that its a process and the church is for people that arent perfect but want to be better. shes so nice though. and gave us cold donuts. yay. more food talk: also we went to our other investigator cause she said like come on saturday. turns out it was her birthday! and she gave us tamales. but they had shrimp in them. oh my gosh i wanted to not eat it. well yeah i only ate a couple bites and then when she left the room just like wrapped it up and threw it away. please never make anything like shrimp tamales. and then we also had fish this week. i tried to not be like all fish snobby but i miss grandpas fish so much. wow we are so blessed. also i bought spaghetti squash last week and i love that. its so fun to eat.
we teach someone who is awesome and is reading the book of mormon, and she wants us to give her new chapters to read every time, but she was baptized catholic and feels like thats good. classic. we asked her to pray about it and she said shes good. but at the same time she is so so so quiet so who knows what she said. we keep trying to have her pray during the lessons but she  wont 😦 and she never asks questions. its hard.
saturday we walked a lot   1. we dont have miles left   2. we need to talk to more people and it was so fun. i love walking around and it was sunny and we met nice people. after talking to this one guy, and he told us he wasnt interested/doesnt believe in religion we said bye and started walking away.  he turned back around and was like by the way, im single, just putting that out there. hahah we were just like oh okay thanks see you later. anyways, thats a dumb story but it was funny. whenever we talk to a lot of people in one day its always funny, which i love.
it is so dark in the mornings so now we dont run on that trail and we just run on main street. its still dark and pollutiony but hey i love it. one of my favorite times of day is the 5 minutes after we get home…so relaxing. exercising is the beeeest.
sorry im really bad at writing back letters/usuallty they are on such weird sketch papers. but i love you and am super grateful for everyone… thanks for everything!! have a great halloween!!



One thought on “sharing the gospel…and her listerine strips

  1. I just read every post on here; I miss you a lot Hannah and it looks like you’re having a blast and really making a difference. Can’t wait till you’re home!

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