the church is true and i like it

Hannah's looks so happy with the Relief Society sisters.

Hannah looks so happy with the Relief Society sisters.

Everything has been so funny lately, well everything is always funny to me… but this week i had to go to the bathroom and we usually go to applebees cause idk why,  but we just decided to go to mcdonalds and there were members and they said “hey” and then they told us they were on vacation and had a referall for us.  like they were on a vacation and they had been praying for missionary opportunities, it was really inspiring.  but they met this guy working at the mall and taught him and like took down his information and gave it to us. we went like Saturday night but he was busy. so that was sad. but we are going back tonight and are so excited.

district meeting is always cool and after we go to super taco ❤   i don’t know if i will ever get sick of Mexican food. and we always sing to the workers when we leave.

THANK YOU SO MUCH YOUNG WOMEN FOR THE PACKAGE!! that was the sweetest thing ever.  so many crazy snacks and the notes were so sweet.  the honey peanut butter looks wild and exciting. and thanks for everything!!!

we keep going to Battleground cause now we have like friends there and its 20 minutes away… just like so much driving, but its beautiful and the weather is still divine during the day.

we visited a lady this week and just like talked with her about church and i shared a scripture, and then we were like what can we do to help you come to church.  anyways, she said we could call her sunday morning and we did but were sorta scared but she said she was coming and she did!!   and everyone was so happy.  and the president even said bringing someone back to church is just as sweet and rewarding as a baptism and i agree.  it was great.

this week a less active couple said they wanted their 8 year old daughter to get baptized and she wanted us to teach her.  soo we went over on Friday with a couple from the branch and we taught her in English and they translated into Spanish for the parents.  it was so much pressure to be translated but it was so neat and wow just really spiritual. soo we finally have someone on date!  anyways it was just a really powerful lesson.  omg member present lessons are 99.9% always better.  go out with the missionaries.  they will be so happy.  and so will everyone.  you’ll get blessings on blessings.

so we eat dinner with the branch which i love, but one night this week it was with another family and the food was so good and they have a really cute daughter (i asked her what she likes to do and she said use her imagination and read the scriptures) and so i was just talking with her cause kids are hilarious and then after dinner i just shared a lil dinner thought and my testimnony about it and the girl told us about the miracles in her parents mission. anyways it was just like a normal thing but then on sunday her mom came up to me and said like thank you so much for being so nice to my daughter, she’s reaaaally shy but you got her to talk and like she was so happy, and then later her dad came up and told me how powerful my testimony was and that he and his wife were holding back their tears. i had no idea that happened and that was so nice of them to thank me.  i am so grateful i was able to bring the spirit into their home.  ahh i just love kids.  and everyone in the branch is great. especially the kids.  they are just so funny.

i love being a missionary.  it is the best experience EVER.  sometimes it is really hard and people aren’t always nice, but i love having this time to serve the lord and help others find eternal happiness. the gospel is so sweet. share it with those you love and even strangers.  the church is true and i like it.

also we went to a store and they were playing monster mash… hahhahah music is great.


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