Portland was a smash and a half

i finallly started driving.  its awesome.  thanks for figuring out the driving record stuff.  but i am so grateful.  life is way better now that i have control over the windows.  hahaha  we rented some spanish books from the library last week,  so ive learned some cool useless phrases and i ask the members now which is always fun.

THANK YOU SOOSOSOSOOSO much for the package. i love the coat. it is so warm and awesome. thank you for my clothes ❤ and the tape and the poncho and you are the best and i am the happiest missionary ever.  that’s probably not true, there are a lot of happy missionaries.  but i’m happy.

it is very pretty here like always, and the leaves are cambiando and hay mucho sol pero es still like very cold so its such a trick every day.

i LOVED conferenceIMG_2064. yeah president uchdorf is always a great time and i liked president eyrings. and just like to me it was all about self improvement and looking back and then working harder and improving things.

i went on exchanges to PORTLAND and that was a smash and a half.  i was with hermana ramos and we visited some of her investigators.  someone gave me coool shoes and we met with a girl  whose mom was never interested and didnt really like the missionaries,  so hermana ramos was nervous to go over but we did. and the mom really liked me hahahha like i told her my family lives in california and she was so excited and like wanted to be friends.  it was awesome and we were able to tell her about all the awesome things in the gospel and that her daughter is learning and she wanted to come to chuuurch.  i need to ask hermana ramos if she did.  but that was neat and just being in portland is cool.  their apartment is on a hill and it reminds me of palos verdes, like you can just see all the city lights and i miss our backyard

then we had zone meeting in portland and we were working on following up with commitments. but it was inspirational and awesome. we hit up battleground (MOM INTERJECTION: I googled this and found that it is a city nearby called Battle Ground)   Our friend/investigator  will be baptized. she was already baptized catholic but we explained the difference. the only problem is she is really quiet and most of the time i ask her a question she doesnt realize that it’s a question. but she’s awesome.  and the library in battleground is stellar. gosh we drive so much though.

a few days ago we saw a man with his dog so i talked to him.  all he knew about mormons was the south park episode. classic.  but we talked.  he drives beer to longview. anyways, i said a prayer cause he seemed like just discouraged and lost and just not as happy as he could be.  after he was like “woah i feel actually different. i feel better and tingly and like something is nice.”  ahhhh so that was so neat for me. i just want everyone to know how awesome they are and like seriously God loves everyone so so so much no matter what.  he is siempre aqui a ayudar nos con desafios y nuestras promblemas. dios puede ayudarnos. por favor orar si tiene sentimentos de sadness or anything. (MOM: not sure what that says but i’ll assume it’s okay to keep in the blog) 

i love vancouver, its beautiful.  the people are awesome.  i am so blessed. thanks everyone for your letters and emails. and fyi letters about anything are accpetable.  like before my mission i was freaked out to say something really churchy, but honestly, the funnier/random the better.  being a missionary is great and getting mail is even greater.

thx 4 the love. xoxo



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