what an interesting week…

what an interesting week.  last week we went to winco to buy groceries and i have never been there before and it was AWESOME i would encourage everyone to go because you can just choose how much of some foods you want. i bought a lil cinnamon and wheat macaroni, and other stuff.  but it was a great time.  and i look forward to going again today.

we walked a lot one day last week cause the weather was so beautiful and its been really pretty lately.  we jay-walked to be on the same side as the cows  (usually we only do that to see people).   anyway, one cow was escaping so i got freaked out cause they are huge,  but hermana patton like talked to it and it went back.  who knows what really happenend. IMG_2041

we met this one lady a while back named marylin.  she gave me binoculars and told us where some people lived.

marajuana is so legal here. there are smoke shops on smoke shops and sometimes there’s just marajuana on the ground.  high people like the first vision though.

probabaly the coolest experience this week was giving a persian lady a book of mormon in farsi.  we met her at the library and then ordered the book and brought it to her.  she was sooo happy and read some of it outloud to us. i t was just neat and crazy to think about how many languages the book of mormon is translated in.

we talked to some other people this week and it just makes me think how blessed i have been.  like so many people were bullied, and i didnt even know that was a real thing.  how sad.  but im grateful for everything i have and had growing up.

we have a new investigator, aurora, and she’s awesome.

we got to watch one session of general conference with sister slueter.  she lives in our area.  i have no clue how we know her, but shes mormon and super nice.  she gave us a lot of interesting snacks like cheese balls and sour dough bread and pineapple upside down cake and root beer popcicles.  but conference was greaaaaat!  everyone watch it.

oh, also spanish areas are waay bigger than english. so we have so many options of places to go, its kind of overwhelming but i love it, and apparently chipotle is in our area but i still havent found it. our area is everything east of a street called andresen. so it goes down to the river.

holler back.  life is so good.  i am so blessed.  i love that we are on the earth at such a crazy time.


One thought on “what an interesting week…

  1. Hi Hannah, it is so great to hear about all of your adventures! You seem so happy and it is awesome how you are embracing the experience! My thoughts and prayers are with you!
    Love, Mrs. Brett💗

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