my companion said i start every conversation with hola…said in the same exact way every time. i believe her. so im looking for better ways to start conversations
last week at soccer i hurt my ankle again except it got like way bruised and swollen everywhere and it was kind of painful to walk so then after a couple days i bought some ace bandage or whatever at wal mart and that was better, and then one night at dinner hermana garcia put some crazy stuff on it like icy hot and vicks and some mexican stuff and gave me a nice foot rub and it was awesome and now it feels better but we cant play soccer cause we dont have enough miles to get there.
on tuesday all the people that got called to the vancouver mission, as opposed to people that just transferred from kenniwick or portland, had a meeting with president taylor and it was super neat and i enjoyed it. he said that we are all learning and we are just trying to do the best we can. which is true. im learning so much about myself and like what im capable of and ya im trying to work harder.
probabaly the best part about being a missionary here is getting to stand behind the car and back up my companion in the rain. thats always a really fun activity and everyone loves watching.
the second best part about being a missionary is texting in spanish. the investigators/members texts are crazy and they always type b instead of v and a lot of other stuff so you have to read them outloud to understand them. its like mad gab but a little less funny
also today we texted the investigator and asked when we could come. and then she was like oh i live in seattle now. hahhaha i thought that was funny that she didnt even tell us. like we visisted her last week..anyways that was sad but also funny because it was via text.
on saturday, the elders’ investigator was baptized and it was cool. his wife got baptized in like july and their family is adorable. lupe is my favorite person in the branch right now. we had cool peanut butter chicken at her house and she is really funny. also their kids are crazy. the baptism was awesome though and i cant waaait for our investigators to get baptized ahhh. no one is on date. ahhh soon though!
we got to go to the relief society broadcast in english and there was dinner after and delcious gluten free cookies. i can eat gluten but the cookies were really good.


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