sharing the gospel…and her listerine strips

last week we talked to this lady just on the street and then we accidently ran into her again when we were going back. psych… it probably happened for a reason. anywaays we had a lesson with her, just the restoration and it was awesome, she’s such the best. like she is looking for a church and feels the one she goes to now isn’t for her. perfect. her kids are the cutest and yea that was neat.

we went to a baby shower on friday for someone in the branch which was fun and all my friends were there (haha, the kids). they are all adorable and one of them shared her mints with me so then i shared my listerine strips but like then they all wanted it and they loved it but i felt like i was giving them like acid cause it was kind of sketch and none of them knew what it was. and yesterday was the primary program, combined with the english ward. sacrament meeting in english. crazy. it was cool. gosh kids are the cutest though.

the elders are teaching someone and we are teaching her sister. they are both such neat people and i want them to be happy and get blessed and come to church. the one we are teaching really wants to but she feels like there are so many rules and she isnt good enough yet.  we definitely explained to her that its a process and the church is for people that arent perfect but want to be better. shes so nice though. and gave us cold donuts. yay. more food talk: also we went to our other investigator cause she said like come on saturday. turns out it was her birthday! and she gave us tamales. but they had shrimp in them. oh my gosh i wanted to not eat it. well yeah i only ate a couple bites and then when she left the room just like wrapped it up and threw it away. please never make anything like shrimp tamales. and then we also had fish this week. i tried to not be like all fish snobby but i miss grandpas fish so much. wow we are so blessed. also i bought spaghetti squash last week and i love that. its so fun to eat.
we teach someone who is awesome and is reading the book of mormon, and she wants us to give her new chapters to read every time, but she was baptized catholic and feels like thats good. classic. we asked her to pray about it and she said shes good. but at the same time she is so so so quiet so who knows what she said. we keep trying to have her pray during the lessons but she  wont 😦 and she never asks questions. its hard.
saturday we walked a lot   1. we dont have miles left   2. we need to talk to more people and it was so fun. i love walking around and it was sunny and we met nice people. after talking to this one guy, and he told us he wasnt interested/doesnt believe in religion we said bye and started walking away.  he turned back around and was like by the way, im single, just putting that out there. hahah we were just like oh okay thanks see you later. anyways, thats a dumb story but it was funny. whenever we talk to a lot of people in one day its always funny, which i love.
it is so dark in the mornings so now we dont run on that trail and we just run on main street. its still dark and pollutiony but hey i love it. one of my favorite times of day is the 5 minutes after we get home…so relaxing. exercising is the beeeest.
sorry im really bad at writing back letters/usuallty they are on such weird sketch papers. but i love you and am super grateful for everyone… thanks for everything!! have a great halloween!!



the church is true and i like it

Hannah's looks so happy with the Relief Society sisters.

Hannah looks so happy with the Relief Society sisters.

Everything has been so funny lately, well everything is always funny to me… but this week i had to go to the bathroom and we usually go to applebees cause idk why,  but we just decided to go to mcdonalds and there were members and they said “hey” and then they told us they were on vacation and had a referall for us.  like they were on a vacation and they had been praying for missionary opportunities, it was really inspiring.  but they met this guy working at the mall and taught him and like took down his information and gave it to us. we went like Saturday night but he was busy. so that was sad. but we are going back tonight and are so excited.

district meeting is always cool and after we go to super taco ❤   i don’t know if i will ever get sick of Mexican food. and we always sing to the workers when we leave.

THANK YOU SO MUCH YOUNG WOMEN FOR THE PACKAGE!! that was the sweetest thing ever.  so many crazy snacks and the notes were so sweet.  the honey peanut butter looks wild and exciting. and thanks for everything!!!

we keep going to Battleground cause now we have like friends there and its 20 minutes away… just like so much driving, but its beautiful and the weather is still divine during the day.

we visited a lady this week and just like talked with her about church and i shared a scripture, and then we were like what can we do to help you come to church.  anyways, she said we could call her sunday morning and we did but were sorta scared but she said she was coming and she did!!   and everyone was so happy.  and the president even said bringing someone back to church is just as sweet and rewarding as a baptism and i agree.  it was great.

this week a less active couple said they wanted their 8 year old daughter to get baptized and she wanted us to teach her.  soo we went over on Friday with a couple from the branch and we taught her in English and they translated into Spanish for the parents.  it was so much pressure to be translated but it was so neat and wow just really spiritual. soo we finally have someone on date!  anyways it was just a really powerful lesson.  omg member present lessons are 99.9% always better.  go out with the missionaries.  they will be so happy.  and so will everyone.  you’ll get blessings on blessings.

so we eat dinner with the branch which i love, but one night this week it was with another family and the food was so good and they have a really cute daughter (i asked her what she likes to do and she said use her imagination and read the scriptures) and so i was just talking with her cause kids are hilarious and then after dinner i just shared a lil dinner thought and my testimnony about it and the girl told us about the miracles in her parents mission. anyways it was just like a normal thing but then on sunday her mom came up to me and said like thank you so much for being so nice to my daughter, she’s reaaaally shy but you got her to talk and like she was so happy, and then later her dad came up and told me how powerful my testimony was and that he and his wife were holding back their tears. i had no idea that happened and that was so nice of them to thank me.  i am so grateful i was able to bring the spirit into their home.  ahh i just love kids.  and everyone in the branch is great. especially the kids.  they are just so funny.

i love being a missionary.  it is the best experience EVER.  sometimes it is really hard and people aren’t always nice, but i love having this time to serve the lord and help others find eternal happiness. the gospel is so sweet. share it with those you love and even strangers.  the church is true and i like it.

also we went to a store and they were playing monster mash… hahhahah music is great.

Portland was a smash and a half

i finallly started driving.  its awesome.  thanks for figuring out the driving record stuff.  but i am so grateful.  life is way better now that i have control over the windows.  hahaha  we rented some spanish books from the library last week,  so ive learned some cool useless phrases and i ask the members now which is always fun.

THANK YOU SOOSOSOSOOSO much for the package. i love the coat. it is so warm and awesome. thank you for my clothes ❤ and the tape and the poncho and you are the best and i am the happiest missionary ever.  that’s probably not true, there are a lot of happy missionaries.  but i’m happy.

it is very pretty here like always, and the leaves are cambiando and hay mucho sol pero es still like very cold so its such a trick every day.

i LOVED conferenceIMG_2064. yeah president uchdorf is always a great time and i liked president eyrings. and just like to me it was all about self improvement and looking back and then working harder and improving things.

i went on exchanges to PORTLAND and that was a smash and a half.  i was with hermana ramos and we visited some of her investigators.  someone gave me coool shoes and we met with a girl  whose mom was never interested and didnt really like the missionaries,  so hermana ramos was nervous to go over but we did. and the mom really liked me hahahha like i told her my family lives in california and she was so excited and like wanted to be friends.  it was awesome and we were able to tell her about all the awesome things in the gospel and that her daughter is learning and she wanted to come to chuuurch.  i need to ask hermana ramos if she did.  but that was neat and just being in portland is cool.  their apartment is on a hill and it reminds me of palos verdes, like you can just see all the city lights and i miss our backyard

then we had zone meeting in portland and we were working on following up with commitments. but it was inspirational and awesome. we hit up battleground (MOM INTERJECTION: I googled this and found that it is a city nearby called Battle Ground)   Our friend/investigator  will be baptized. she was already baptized catholic but we explained the difference. the only problem is she is really quiet and most of the time i ask her a question she doesnt realize that it’s a question. but she’s awesome.  and the library in battleground is stellar. gosh we drive so much though.

a few days ago we saw a man with his dog so i talked to him.  all he knew about mormons was the south park episode. classic.  but we talked.  he drives beer to longview. anyways, i said a prayer cause he seemed like just discouraged and lost and just not as happy as he could be.  after he was like “woah i feel actually different. i feel better and tingly and like something is nice.”  ahhhh so that was so neat for me. i just want everyone to know how awesome they are and like seriously God loves everyone so so so much no matter what.  he is siempre aqui a ayudar nos con desafios y nuestras promblemas. dios puede ayudarnos. por favor orar si tiene sentimentos de sadness or anything. (MOM: not sure what that says but i’ll assume it’s okay to keep in the blog) 

i love vancouver, its beautiful.  the people are awesome.  i am so blessed. thanks everyone for your letters and emails. and fyi letters about anything are accpetable.  like before my mission i was freaked out to say something really churchy, but honestly, the funnier/random the better.  being a missionary is great and getting mail is even greater.

thx 4 the love. xoxo


what an interesting week…

what an interesting week.  last week we went to winco to buy groceries and i have never been there before and it was AWESOME i would encourage everyone to go because you can just choose how much of some foods you want. i bought a lil cinnamon and wheat macaroni, and other stuff.  but it was a great time.  and i look forward to going again today.

we walked a lot one day last week cause the weather was so beautiful and its been really pretty lately.  we jay-walked to be on the same side as the cows  (usually we only do that to see people).   anyway, one cow was escaping so i got freaked out cause they are huge,  but hermana patton like talked to it and it went back.  who knows what really happenend. IMG_2041

we met this one lady a while back named marylin.  she gave me binoculars and told us where some people lived.

marajuana is so legal here. there are smoke shops on smoke shops and sometimes there’s just marajuana on the ground.  high people like the first vision though.

probabaly the coolest experience this week was giving a persian lady a book of mormon in farsi.  we met her at the library and then ordered the book and brought it to her.  she was sooo happy and read some of it outloud to us. i t was just neat and crazy to think about how many languages the book of mormon is translated in.

we talked to some other people this week and it just makes me think how blessed i have been.  like so many people were bullied, and i didnt even know that was a real thing.  how sad.  but im grateful for everything i have and had growing up.

we have a new investigator, aurora, and she’s awesome.

we got to watch one session of general conference with sister slueter.  she lives in our area.  i have no clue how we know her, but shes mormon and super nice.  she gave us a lot of interesting snacks like cheese balls and sour dough bread and pineapple upside down cake and root beer popcicles.  but conference was greaaaaat!  everyone watch it.

oh, also spanish areas are waay bigger than english. so we have so many options of places to go, its kind of overwhelming but i love it, and apparently chipotle is in our area but i still havent found it. our area is everything east of a street called andresen. so it goes down to the river.

holler back.  life is so good.  i am so blessed.  i love that we are on the earth at such a crazy time.



my companion said i start every conversation with hola…said in the same exact way every time. i believe her. so im looking for better ways to start conversations
last week at soccer i hurt my ankle again except it got like way bruised and swollen everywhere and it was kind of painful to walk so then after a couple days i bought some ace bandage or whatever at wal mart and that was better, and then one night at dinner hermana garcia put some crazy stuff on it like icy hot and vicks and some mexican stuff and gave me a nice foot rub and it was awesome and now it feels better but we cant play soccer cause we dont have enough miles to get there.
on tuesday all the people that got called to the vancouver mission, as opposed to people that just transferred from kenniwick or portland, had a meeting with president taylor and it was super neat and i enjoyed it. he said that we are all learning and we are just trying to do the best we can. which is true. im learning so much about myself and like what im capable of and ya im trying to work harder.
probabaly the best part about being a missionary here is getting to stand behind the car and back up my companion in the rain. thats always a really fun activity and everyone loves watching.
the second best part about being a missionary is texting in spanish. the investigators/members texts are crazy and they always type b instead of v and a lot of other stuff so you have to read them outloud to understand them. its like mad gab but a little less funny
also today we texted the investigator and asked when we could come. and then she was like oh i live in seattle now. hahhaha i thought that was funny that she didnt even tell us. like we visisted her last week..anyways that was sad but also funny because it was via text.
on saturday, the elders’ investigator was baptized and it was cool. his wife got baptized in like july and their family is adorable. lupe is my favorite person in the branch right now. we had cool peanut butter chicken at her house and she is really funny. also their kids are crazy. the baptism was awesome though and i cant waaait for our investigators to get baptized ahhh. no one is on date. ahhh soon though!
we got to go to the relief society broadcast in english and there was dinner after and delcious gluten free cookies. i can eat gluten but the cookies were really good.