twas a greaaat week!

so many awesome things happened this week and just like so much random stuff. on like wednesday we went to subway for lunch and someone just handed us 20 dollars and we said thanks and then like 3 other people offered to pay for us so that was really neat and then we also met a mexican lady and her daughter  that live by our other investigator.

also on saturday we stopped by these people’s house and like had a little lesson and then they invited us to their brother’s party (who was our referral) so they like told us we had to come so then we got a gift from the dollar tree, and my companion really wanted to get a fish so we also went to petco but that was a disaster. anyways, the party was so fun and there were so many people to talk to. also the food was way good and there were 3 pinatas. i took pictures but i forgot the cord sorry.  annnnd they had like a maraichi band  so i loved that and might have danced a littttle.  it was a great party/referal contacting event.IMG_2025

we have been visiting a family that is less active and the dad isnt a member. this week we brought a brother from the spanish branch and it was amazing.  the mom has health issues and is like depressed and has some other problems. He gave her a priesthood blessing and ahh it was a beautiful experience, the spirit was so strong and she felt way better and had the desire to come to church and just a bunch of other good stuff.  The hermano was able to connect with the dad and teach him. member present lessons are just always better.  Dad, being there for the priesthood blessing was a super neat experience and made me miss you and think about how grateful I am for your worthiness to hold the priesthood.  Thanks for all the back to school blessings and everything.  I am so happy you are my dad and so funny too.  I love you and hope everything is going well.

this week we helped someone that recently got baptized do family history at the library. one of her sons died when he was a baby so she wants to do his work in the temple. and i have such a love for libraries now.  i got to read to her other little son who is the cutest. i want to volunteer in the library.

last night we met with monica and raul and their parents monica and raul, which still makes me laugh but that was a great lesson too. we taught the restoration and the book of mormon and taught them how to pray. the mom was so interested and so was the son raul. and they just were so curious and had a ton of great questions. it was a really nice night.

non churchy stuff: me and hermana mckinlay found this beautiful trail that we run on every morning! it is like 4 miles and just like trees and a river thing and its beautiful. sometimes we run in to spider webs but its totally worth it and doing that in the morning makes me way happier every day. exercising is literally the best feeling… after feeling the Spirit 🙂    Last week at soccer someone kicked my ankle like a lot and then it got really swolllen and now its still super bruised so im a little concerned, but not enough to do anything.

people say my spanish is good but they are probably just being nice.  thank you for the letters!!  grandmary and grandad you are awesome!  i wrote you one but now i cant find it and i dont know if i mailed it or what. but i really do love getting them.  i want a poncho hhaha…ill take better pictures this week. well i always say that ghaghhaha.  thanks for everything mom. and please say thank you to the orens, they sent me a scarf and a card! and also thank you to grandmary and grandad.

happy birthday evan! 16. woah. congrats!


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