this week….


this week was way better!! yesterday we had church which was fun like always. im finallly starting to recognize the members and like their names and be friends with them. its differnt than what i expected though. everyone in the branch is a recent convert so that means we get to find new people and at the same time, help the people that are already baptized stay active in the church. which is neat cause there is always so much work to do. the members are so nice though and we get to eat dinner with them. and we are encouraged to take them out with us to other lessons, which is always a challenge because everyone is working. but it makes things more interesting.

the guy next to me at the libraray is like blasting one direction and playing bejeweled which is poqito distracting

anyways, this week we had a zone conference in portland annnnd we got to go to CHIPOTLE for lunch. i loved it. and then also on that day i got to go on exchanges with the sister training leader who is super nice but she is like 25 and a teacher in real life so she is probabbaly the best missionary ever. but that was a great experience because i learned a ton from her and she just was super encouraging.

also this week i read an article in the ensign about raising resillant children and i just wanted to congratulate you guys cause you are good parents and most of the advice given was stuff you do. and im really grateful for you and all your work because there are some interesting people here who dont understand that much about that.  but idk im grateful for you and putting up with me. i love you!!!

besides that, weve been teaching our investigators and rafaela has a baptismal date and i just love all of them and want them to be happy. we mostly just teach hispanic familes or old hispanic women so there isnt that much variety, and even though its super hard for me to remember who is who, i love them all.
probabaly the neatest thing that happened this week was: we decided to walk to this one appointment cause it was only a mile away. so we walked up this hill on andreson and it was sooo pretty and naturery and then we got to the top and my companion was very set on the fact that garrison st was to the right, and i feel bad cause I  always correct her about streets, so i just said alright. and we walk down the street for like 15 minutes until im like i really think it was the other way, so we ask someone and sure enough its the other way. at this point i really wanted to get all “i told you so”y but i didnt cause i did like the walk and i was memorizing some hymns hahaha but anyways we start walking the right way and right when we get to andreson theres a hispanic lady at the crosswalk with a baby in the stroller, we talked to her a little, asked her how she was and she said sad, and having some problems with her husband. she was going to safeway so i said we were too hahah and then we helped her pick out headache medicine cause she didnt know which one to buy, anywaays i am so grateful we walked the wrong way for so long and came back at the exact moment we did so we could talk to her. i know that god is in the details and knows us so well. i am really grateful to be on a mission here in washington. i love the people and the place is so beautiful too. thank you so much for your letters and emails. they really mean a lot to me. I LOVE YOU!IMG_1118

a day of service...all i got was that carrots were involved...looks like they were picking them perhaps.

a day of service…looks like they were picking and bagging carrots.


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