Week 3 in WA

Sooo I wrote some of an email but then the internet messed up. Sorry.  I forget everything that happened this week. We’re at the library right now in downtown vancouver and it’s swell. i guess its been pretty neat here. it rained but now its sunny. 

thanks for the addresses. and the handwritten letters! we can check our mailboxes everyday. which is cool. today we played soccer and i like that. 

 The internet keeps shutting off so also that’s annoying. But I love you guys a ton and im super happy you are my family. Do family home evening every week.  Also be nice to the missionaries and give them referrals. Also just like wave at them whenever you see them. Being a missionary isn’t easy. But its neat. Evan should pay attention in seminary cause that’s something I regret. Im excited for general conference!!! Hopefully a cool announcement comes this time too. Entonces, I got a letter from grandmary and granddad and I really liked it, I wrote them back but haven’t sent it yet. Also ifyou want to send me more stamps that would be nifty.

 loooolz. also i went to salvation army today and bouught some more skirts hahha.


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