la raro vida



my favorite words in spanish are raro and extrano which both like mean weird or strange.

everything is quite swell here. the weather is lovely and the people are way nice. again im sorry the library was closed yesterday but we had a cool breakfast with a lot of missionaries and our distict hiked these cool caves by mount st helens which were neaaat. everything here is litearlly so pretty thouugh. the sky never ends and the sunsets are amazing.

the best part of this week was tied between shopping at trader joes, playing with all the lil mexican kids, and showing rafaela a picture of the temple and her saying that she had seen that building and told her boyfriend person thats where she wanted to get married. we met rafaela this week at night and helped her clean her house and i just played with her daughter and taught about the good ol plan of salvation. and yea she is just so nice and sweet and a really awesome mujer. i just love being able to help out random people.
a lot of times i love talking to people and asking about their day but im not good about like talking about the gospel cause i dont want to overwhelm them or like just be obnoxious. but people hardly ever get mad or like shut us down. like maybe 3 times cuando nosotros fuimos tocando puertas, pero for the most part people are really nice and love learning. spanish is hard to understand and ill be honest, a lot of the time i just smile and nod and look sympathetic. but then when i do understand them its super neat.

and i just love bearing testimony of how the gospel has blessed my life and i know it can help theirsIMG_1095

oh also my other favorite thing is when people i just meet say like oh yeaaah i think ive met you before, i remember you. but i know its impossible cause i just got here but i just love it cause like idk i guess we knew eachother before we came to earth. but who knows. i just like it.

my companion told me im crazy and yeah we only have a certain amount of miles we are supposed to drive a month and on the last day of august we kind of used all our alloted miles so we decided to park the car and walk home, but it was like 830 at night and we were walking on the freeway so that got really sketch reallly fast so then we just called the zone leaders and they said we could drive. but ya i feel bad cause she said last transfer nothing like that happened and everything was normal soo idk what to do because maybe its just my personality that makes everything mas raro. quien sabe.



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