twas a greaaat week!

so many awesome things happened this week and just like so much random stuff. on like wednesday we went to subway for lunch and someone just handed us 20 dollars and we said thanks and then like 3 other people offered to pay for us so that was really neat and then we also met a mexican lady and her daughter  that live by our other investigator.

also on saturday we stopped by these people’s house and like had a little lesson and then they invited us to their brother’s party (who was our referral) so they like told us we had to come so then we got a gift from the dollar tree, and my companion really wanted to get a fish so we also went to petco but that was a disaster. anyways, the party was so fun and there were so many people to talk to. also the food was way good and there were 3 pinatas. i took pictures but i forgot the cord sorry.  annnnd they had like a maraichi band  so i loved that and might have danced a littttle.  it was a great party/referal contacting event.IMG_2025

we have been visiting a family that is less active and the dad isnt a member. this week we brought a brother from the spanish branch and it was amazing.  the mom has health issues and is like depressed and has some other problems. He gave her a priesthood blessing and ahh it was a beautiful experience, the spirit was so strong and she felt way better and had the desire to come to church and just a bunch of other good stuff.  The hermano was able to connect with the dad and teach him. member present lessons are just always better.  Dad, being there for the priesthood blessing was a super neat experience and made me miss you and think about how grateful I am for your worthiness to hold the priesthood.  Thanks for all the back to school blessings and everything.  I am so happy you are my dad and so funny too.  I love you and hope everything is going well.

this week we helped someone that recently got baptized do family history at the library. one of her sons died when he was a baby so she wants to do his work in the temple. and i have such a love for libraries now.  i got to read to her other little son who is the cutest. i want to volunteer in the library.

last night we met with monica and raul and their parents monica and raul, which still makes me laugh but that was a great lesson too. we taught the restoration and the book of mormon and taught them how to pray. the mom was so interested and so was the son raul. and they just were so curious and had a ton of great questions. it was a really nice night.

non churchy stuff: me and hermana mckinlay found this beautiful trail that we run on every morning! it is like 4 miles and just like trees and a river thing and its beautiful. sometimes we run in to spider webs but its totally worth it and doing that in the morning makes me way happier every day. exercising is literally the best feeling… after feeling the Spirit 🙂    Last week at soccer someone kicked my ankle like a lot and then it got really swolllen and now its still super bruised so im a little concerned, but not enough to do anything.

people say my spanish is good but they are probably just being nice.  thank you for the letters!!  grandmary and grandad you are awesome!  i wrote you one but now i cant find it and i dont know if i mailed it or what. but i really do love getting them.  i want a poncho hhaha…ill take better pictures this week. well i always say that ghaghhaha.  thanks for everything mom. and please say thank you to the orens, they sent me a scarf and a card! and also thank you to grandmary and grandad.

happy birthday evan! 16. woah. congrats!


this week….


this week was way better!! yesterday we had church which was fun like always. im finallly starting to recognize the members and like their names and be friends with them. its differnt than what i expected though. everyone in the branch is a recent convert so that means we get to find new people and at the same time, help the people that are already baptized stay active in the church. which is neat cause there is always so much work to do. the members are so nice though and we get to eat dinner with them. and we are encouraged to take them out with us to other lessons, which is always a challenge because everyone is working. but it makes things more interesting.

the guy next to me at the libraray is like blasting one direction and playing bejeweled which is poqito distracting

anyways, this week we had a zone conference in portland annnnd we got to go to CHIPOTLE for lunch. i loved it. and then also on that day i got to go on exchanges with the sister training leader who is super nice but she is like 25 and a teacher in real life so she is probabbaly the best missionary ever. but that was a great experience because i learned a ton from her and she just was super encouraging.

also this week i read an article in the ensign about raising resillant children and i just wanted to congratulate you guys cause you are good parents and most of the advice given was stuff you do. and im really grateful for you and all your work because there are some interesting people here who dont understand that much about that.  but idk im grateful for you and putting up with me. i love you!!!

besides that, weve been teaching our investigators and rafaela has a baptismal date and i just love all of them and want them to be happy. we mostly just teach hispanic familes or old hispanic women so there isnt that much variety, and even though its super hard for me to remember who is who, i love them all.
probabaly the neatest thing that happened this week was: we decided to walk to this one appointment cause it was only a mile away. so we walked up this hill on andreson and it was sooo pretty and naturery and then we got to the top and my companion was very set on the fact that garrison st was to the right, and i feel bad cause I  always correct her about streets, so i just said alright. and we walk down the street for like 15 minutes until im like i really think it was the other way, so we ask someone and sure enough its the other way. at this point i really wanted to get all “i told you so”y but i didnt cause i did like the walk and i was memorizing some hymns hahaha but anyways we start walking the right way and right when we get to andreson theres a hispanic lady at the crosswalk with a baby in the stroller, we talked to her a little, asked her how she was and she said sad, and having some problems with her husband. she was going to safeway so i said we were too hahah and then we helped her pick out headache medicine cause she didnt know which one to buy, anywaays i am so grateful we walked the wrong way for so long and came back at the exact moment we did so we could talk to her. i know that god is in the details and knows us so well. i am really grateful to be on a mission here in washington. i love the people and the place is so beautiful too. thank you so much for your letters and emails. they really mean a lot to me. I LOVE YOU!IMG_1118

a day of service...all i got was that carrots were involved...looks like they were picking them perhaps.

a day of service…looks like they were picking and bagging carrots.

Week 3 in WA

Sooo I wrote some of an email but then the internet messed up. Sorry.  I forget everything that happened this week. We’re at the library right now in downtown vancouver and it’s swell. i guess its been pretty neat here. it rained but now its sunny. 

thanks for the addresses. and the handwritten letters! we can check our mailboxes everyday. which is cool. today we played soccer and i like that. 

 The internet keeps shutting off so also that’s annoying. But I love you guys a ton and im super happy you are my family. Do family home evening every week.  Also be nice to the missionaries and give them referrals. Also just like wave at them whenever you see them. Being a missionary isn’t easy. But its neat. Evan should pay attention in seminary cause that’s something I regret. Im excited for general conference!!! Hopefully a cool announcement comes this time too. Entonces, I got a letter from grandmary and granddad and I really liked it, I wrote them back but haven’t sent it yet. Also ifyou want to send me more stamps that would be nifty.

 loooolz. also i went to salvation army today and bouught some more skirts hahha.

la raro vida



my favorite words in spanish are raro and extrano which both like mean weird or strange.

everything is quite swell here. the weather is lovely and the people are way nice. again im sorry the library was closed yesterday but we had a cool breakfast with a lot of missionaries and our distict hiked these cool caves by mount st helens which were neaaat. everything here is litearlly so pretty thouugh. the sky never ends and the sunsets are amazing.

the best part of this week was tied between shopping at trader joes, playing with all the lil mexican kids, and showing rafaela a picture of the temple and her saying that she had seen that building and told her boyfriend person thats where she wanted to get married. we met rafaela this week at night and helped her clean her house and i just played with her daughter and taught about the good ol plan of salvation. and yea she is just so nice and sweet and a really awesome mujer. i just love being able to help out random people.
a lot of times i love talking to people and asking about their day but im not good about like talking about the gospel cause i dont want to overwhelm them or like just be obnoxious. but people hardly ever get mad or like shut us down. like maybe 3 times cuando nosotros fuimos tocando puertas, pero for the most part people are really nice and love learning. spanish is hard to understand and ill be honest, a lot of the time i just smile and nod and look sympathetic. but then when i do understand them its super neat.

and i just love bearing testimony of how the gospel has blessed my life and i know it can help theirsIMG_1095

oh also my other favorite thing is when people i just meet say like oh yeaaah i think ive met you before, i remember you. but i know its impossible cause i just got here but i just love it cause like idk i guess we knew eachother before we came to earth. but who knows. i just like it.

my companion told me im crazy and yeah we only have a certain amount of miles we are supposed to drive a month and on the last day of august we kind of used all our alloted miles so we decided to park the car and walk home, but it was like 830 at night and we were walking on the freeway so that got really sketch reallly fast so then we just called the zone leaders and they said we could drive. but ya i feel bad cause she said last transfer nothing like that happened and everything was normal soo idk what to do because maybe its just my personality that makes everything mas raro. quien sabe.