VANCOUVER is Beautiful!

The mission president sent this photo of Hannah along with a note that she arrived safely in WA.

The mission president sent this photo of Hannah along with a note that she arrived safely in WA.

Hannah’s first handwritten letter from Washington (dated 8/20/13):

Scow Familia

Thank you so incredibly much for the package! It was here when I got here.  You are the best.  I’m sorry I was horrible at calling.  Today they picked us up from the airport, went straight to church for a lil orientation and hit the campo (field).  I went out with 2 hermanas and we tried to go to their appointments but no one was really home.  So we contacted some peops on the street.  They made me do it and say a prayer with the investigator.  They said I did good and were surprised how calm and confident I was.  I too surprised myself.  Spending 6 weeks in the Mexico MTC definitely helped.  President Taylor and his wife are super nice.  At 6 today we came back to their house and ate dinner with all the missionaries that got in today.  We get to meet our companions in the morning.  I love you all and the package was so amazing.  It made my day for sure.  I love the skirt.  You are the best mom ever. P-day is Monday and we get to exercise every morning.  It’s so beautiful here and I’m in the Vancouver 6th Spanish Branch.  La vida esta dulce la extrano mucho!


  1. I can’t wait to eat an avocado
  2. Thx 4 the peanut butter
  3. I miss Mexico kind of
  4. My teachers added me on FB, probs accept them (Hermano Ramsey and Villanueva)
  5. Maybs change my prof pic to that one of me at the Mexico City Temple
  6. Our mission isn’t a bike mish 😦
  7. I wore the Born flats everyday in the CCM
  8. Also my running shoes are quite destroyed
  9. I bought a Spanish CTR ring at the CCM
  10. Elder Holland comes on Saturday to our mission
  11.  We’re staying in a members home til Monday
  12. Thanks again for the package
  13. There’s like a pioneer party on Friday
  14. Where the heck is Trader Joe’s here?
  15. Everyone likes my suitcase and so do i
  16. Both the sisters here said they gained a ton of weight 😦  I’m freaking out cause it’s not a bike mish.
  17.  It’s gonna start raining next month
  18. I love you all
  19. Write me letters please
  20.  And maybs post my address on FB…k…thx xoxo


And the email we got on Monday (8/26/13):

Hayyoooooo!  my companion is hermana patton. i loooooved my welcome package. Yes, I like the skirt. Thank you sosoosoos much. You are the best mom ever.  i sent you a letter so i hope you got it. our p day is monday. its universal. usually we email at like 10 or 11 but today we have to move to an apartment so we had to pack and stuff.

5 cool things about this week:

1: soooo ya elder hollland came to speak to our mission this week. so like 180 peops. but it was reaally inspirational and cool. like we had seen so many of his devotionals in the mtc and it was cool cause he said similar stuff but it was live. and um at the beginning we all got to shake his hand and say our name and where we were from. he is such a powerful speaker though. go watch some of his talks to missionaries, he even pounded the podium a lil.

2. the people here are pretty nice. my companion is Hermana patton from i forget where. we go running every morning but who knows how many miles it is hahha. the mission president and his wife picked us up from the airport and we slept at their house. also now i cant spell anything in english or spanish. but i am better at speaking spanish. however, everyone continues to tell me that i have a california accent. its cool to be able to just go to up to people and talk to them but sometimes its really awkward to just start up a conversation and then even awkwarder to change the topic to the church haha but im working on it. im definitely happy i went to the mtc in mexico cause i think that reaaally helped my spanish.  we are in the spanish branch and the people are all nice but its kind of hard for me to like approach them because i am still not that good at conveying my emotions or anything.

3. VANCOUVER is beautiful. like even when we were flying in it was just trees on trees and then now its still like that. and everyone has gardens. its been a pretty solid temperature lately but i heard the rain is coming soon and i am scared i will get like despressed so probabaly keep sending me letters and pictures of the sun. we lived in a members house for the first week but now we are moving into an apartment. I’m sad because our mission is a car mission instead of a bike one. but idk ill figure something out cause the last thing i want to do is get fat

4.  church yesterday was waaay different than what i expected. sacrament was last  and i got to bear my testimony in spanish. people said it was good though and that i knew a lot of spanish so that made me happy. and when i introduced myself in relief society they laughed but my comp said they laugh when they like you. soo hoepfully thats true. also my comp laughs at everyuthing i say. which is interesting. like im not really funny but then she still laughs soo ya.

anyways. i love everyone so much and i am loving being able to serve so many people. thanks for all the emails and if you write me a letter i would be the happiest hermana ever. also im at the public library right now and i got a library card. and we got to play soccer today with the other district. it was grand.  also i found trader joes.  sorry i forgot my camera cord this week 😦

The branch president's wife where she is serving sent me a text with this photo and some very kind words about Hannah.  Made my day :)

The branch president’s wife where she is serving sent me a text with this photo and some very kind words about Hannah. Made my day 🙂


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