Last week in the CCM

IMG_0878[1]So, me and my comp were the only people in like a 20 person house and we loved it. but they finally made us move cause they needed the house for elders. but when we were moving our stuff at like 10 at night, i locked the door on accident and then we got locked out and someone had to like come let us in. but while we were waiting it was neat and raining and i actually really liked it. a lot of times i wish i brought like binoculars cause there’s the houses on the mountains and i just want to see them closer.

there are sooo many people coming every week and last night we got to watch the devotional live from Provo so that was neat, but we barely fit in the auditorium and i was sad because our friends that got here the first week left on monday and tuesday. we usually sit with them at the devotionals. It’s weird because we became really good friends and we will probably never see them again. maybe. quien sabe.

there are so many random storms here always it so so funny.  and also sometimes airplanes fly over and play music or like people that live on the mountain just play really loud music and it’s usually “sexy and i know it”. hahaha its weird to look out at the city and think I’ll be outside these gates next week.  I’m very excited to talk to real people.   IMG_0886[1]

it’s so neat to be able to speak in spanish and like idk its hard to explain but i know way more spanish than i think. but then again i like want to say something and i forget how to say it in spanish and then i can’t even remember how to say it in english either so that is really frustrating. they really like when we speak spanish here like especially in the comedor but someopne pointed out we basically only know like church stuff in spanish. which is sort of true. so im trying to learn more casual conversation things.

but its way neat cause we get to play with the natives. like i played soccer with them and frisbee and it makes me happy cause i know more spanish than they know english hahhaha.

everyone always makes fun of my camera so i really want to buy a new one in washington.

in class yesterday we had a lil testimony meeting and our teachers bore their testimonies and we got to and it was really spiritual. i love our teachers sooo much. they are amazing and just really intelligent and kind.  IMG_0918[1]

anyways. i am so grateful i was able to come to this ccm, and at the beginning. i really liked how personal it was and it has just been an incredible experience in general. i love everyone and i love getting emails. life is so good. la iglesia es verdadera. we went to the temple today in mexico and it was legit. xoxoxooxoxox.  IMG_0938[1]



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