I LOVE SOCCER (and you) – MTC week 4


I LOVE SOCCER. it is seriously the funnest thing ever. i love gym time. we played with the mexicans and they are so intense and i made 2 goals. it was great. P-day is just the best in general. Oh, but then last week i hurt my ankle at soccer somehow and then it got very swollen but now it’s fine.

In class we learned commands and played simon dice (simon says) which was pretty funny.

the cafeteria keeps getting nicer and nicer.  now they have like fridges and it’s just super luxurious.  all of the sudden they started making all these really good breads at the cafeteria which are like donuts and they are so good. i ate like 3 one day. but then i have stopped.

speaking of food, it was fast sunday on sunday so we fasted from saturday lunch to sunday lunch and I’ve never fasted over night before that i can remember.  but it wasnt that hard and church was way neat and i loved it.  sundays are so cool and i really like how we have 2 devotionals and a movie at night. but last night they just announced cause there’s like too many people for the auditorium, its gonna get more confusing or something.

There are 800 people here now i think (it’s elder city) and its kind of cool but at the same time I’m sort of sad cause its way less personal. i really liked being able to see the same people and like we made some neat friends. and also the people in our class room building got switched so that was sad. but i met the like the byu football player elder mangum and he was way nice. i didnt know who he was and he was wearing cool socks so then we started talking and ya he’s on the football team so that was fun. theres so many nice people here in general and our friends that got here the first week leave on monday so im getting sad. we will like never see them again probably. oh and then when these mexicans i was friends with left, he said we can see each other in heaven and ill recognize your laugh hahahaha.

he'll recognize her laugh in heaven...

he’ll recognize her laugh in heaven…

on monday i wanted to play soccer but then i got really confused so i ended up playing football. so that was really interesting and i wasnt good at all but then one elder fell right when i was tagging him and so like it looked like i tackled him so everyone kept talking about that. so ya i like soccer more.

on tuesday we had service like always.   we washed some buildings/tables.

i forgot to talk about the crazy hailstorm last night. like right before the devotional it started raining and hailing and was just a crazy tropical storm and then everyone had to go to the devotional and got super soaked and it was hilarious. also during service the earthquake alarm went off and everyone went to the weird earthquake circles so that was also way funny

me and hermana mcdonald get along reallly well.  we are really honest. and im glad she’s my companion cause she is outgoing and it makes me more outgoing. the only problem is that all the mexicans love her and her blonde hair and last name. and then they just look at my last name and are like uuuh what is that?? but its cool cause i play soccer with them and they like my laugh.

but i cant believe i only have like a week and a half left. sorry this whole email was like about sports hahahha but class is good too. we are learning a lot of spanish and now we are like being investigators for each other and that’s a really neat experience. also we sing hymns in the morning and now we have been singing christmas ones lately for no reason. our teachers are still really nice and our zone is great. one elder in the other district went home yesterday and that was pretty sad.  and one night in our district we went around and wrote nice things about everyone in our district. it was cute. i love it here.  but i can’t wait to come back to america. and go into the mission field, and eat real food like chipotle.

I love you. and soccer.

also i just saw my friend Allie Haynie!!!! she just got here last night. ill send some pictures now. i love you byeee


Hermana Scow’s MTC District


earthquake circle



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