Happy Wednesday – week 3

I wonder if this truck just brings water for Hannah...

I wonder if this truck just brings water for Hannah…

hola familia. happy Wednesday, aka my favorite day cause its p day (preparation day). but also tuesdays are good too cause we have a service project after gym time and it’s always really confusing and we just end up walking around for 30 minutes and then washing some random walls. but it’s always funny. last week after i emailed it was the funnest day ever. like we just played sports all day. first some soccer and then basketball and volleyball. and it was just like way fun and i love playing outside. but then the next day our teacher got a lil mad cause we were all super tired. also i got sick. but it was worth it. being sick was really lame though cause like i got a sore throat and then my head felt like 50 pounds and then i got a cold and had to blow my nose like just way too often. but now I’m feeling better.

 this week went by so fast. i need to speak more Spanish but its hard because I’m not as good as other people so i get embarrassed. But like i realized i just need to suck it up, be humble, and habla espanol. It’s so fun here that i feel bad sometimes… like i just don’t understand how everything is so funny. it might be cause I’m just delirious because we’re in the classroom for like 4 hours. But it’s fun and I’m learning so much at the same time. Our teachers are way nice and like i couldn’t have imagined better teachers.  i forget if i already told you about them, but in the morning we have Hermano Ramsey and Hermano Villinuava (who told us to call him bijunueva cause that’s how the accent is) so its always just fun to say his name. He lives in mexico city. and then at night we have Hermana Martinez who used to be our investigator and Hermana Dewey who is our investigator now and sometimes i don’t really like her but I’ve learned a lot so its good. our district is also just awesome too. Everyone is pretty different but we mostly get along and have a good time. this one elder is sorta like evan. our district leader is super nice and a great leader and then like our zone (the other people in our ward at church) are way fun and we play with them a lot…like sports and they are in the same hall as us for class and have the same eating time so its just great.

 i had to give a talk on Sunday about the restoration…in spanish.  It was really interesting and i accidently said jesu smith so that was cool. it went pretty well besides that though and my comp said i didn’t look nervous so i was happy about that. i love our ward and i love Sundays. we basically go to church, eat lunch  (sunday lunch is usually the best meal of the week) and then like go to some devotionals and watch a movie at night. but this sunday we watched a devotional from Jeffrey R Holland that was from the Provo MTC like in January.  it was just really neat. he got like kind of mad and like passionate and it was very motivational and made a lot of sense. oh also sunday lunch had these delicious plum things and sunday dinner had mangos!! i love sundays

i miss trader joes and i cant wait to come back to the states and eat like vegetables and peanut butter.  new missionaries came yesterday and its getting way crowded in like the comedor. all these people keep talking about my laugh, but that’s nothing new. it should literally be illegal how much fun I’m having.  me and my comp are getting along better and everything is good.

thanks for posting stuff on my blog. lisa emailed me this week that she reads it and can like hear me talking, which made me really happy.

i really like hanging my clothes on the clothes line. like for some reason it’s just so nice.

some people got like parasites from the food so that’s exciting.

maybe write me a dear elder or something,  but who knows. they like print it out and its sort of like you get it in the mail. its not that necessary, but just my comp got some and i felt left out. we did this thing called TRC last week where real people just like came to the ccm and we got to like teach them and just talk to them. and i like teaching our fake investigators.

there’s like a lil store here that everyone loves and they just have like treats and other random stuff. but ya life is good and the temple is closed for cleaning so we get to go like in 2 weeks.  i love you all and i love it here.





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