Mexico City MTC week 2


thanks for the update mom. ya life is good i need to think of something long to write and i barely took any pictures this week.

this week has been more interesting. thanks for all the pictures of letters from my brothers. i love you all so much and i may or may not have cried after reading them. i did. but idk i really like it here and i am learning so much and its kind of crazy. like to have such a schedule. my favorite part of the week is still gym time, hahhaha.  i look forward to it everyday cause we play volleyball with all these people and it is way fun

last night there was a devotional and then after our district had a lil testimony meeting which was super neat and then after i just gave the elders very firm handshakes. its cool here cause its small enough that i see the same people everyday. like my friends. and some cool people have the same gym time and p day as us and lunch. the food isn’t my favorite and lunch is always the best meal of the day cause they have good tortillas. but monday night there were hotdogs and they usually just have hotdogs in a lot of food. but i sleep on the top bunk and i love that cause i do some like sit ups every night. the house has like 6 rooms but me and my comp are still the only ones in it. some latino sisters came for 12 days but they left on monday and new ones haven’t come yet. it was kind of sad to say bye to them.

my clothes are pretty good, like very comfortable, and i have enough and i am taking good care of them. i just regret not bringing more. also my brush broke when i was brushing my hair so that was awkward. but it still works. i cant wait to get to Washington and be able to buy stuff. they do have a little tienda thing here where i bought laundry detergent but like they mostly have candy and other weird stuff. but some people really like it. and we get 100 pesos a week to use there. also they have Nikes which is funny. in Tall we use the computers and there’s the icon for our emails and it’s sooo tempting to just check, but so far I’ve been obedient and i haven’t.

i didn’t have to speak in church again on sunday but i bet i will have to next sunday. I talked to my friend hermana ricks. I’m so happy she’s here.

We played a cool relay game in class hahha which i liked. and our district is getting way close. last night we just talked and went around and asked questions and that got reaallly funny. i wish i had more stories but I cant remember and i am sorry.

Evan, Caleb and Tristan sooooo much. you guys are the best brothers ever and I’m so lucky that i am your sister. your notes were the sweetest and just made me so happy. if you boys wanna email me then please do. hope summer is treating everyone well. i miss the beach and rollerblading.129




hey its my pday.

mexico mtc is literally so great. so many nice grassy areas and its just like huge with a lot of voliebol courts and what not. basically the first day i just got here and ate some cold costco pizza and unpacked. there wasn’t hot water so my shower the next day was like really cold. but then it turns out there actually was hot water, i just turned the wrong knob. im on the top bunk and loving it. the first day i wore  dumb black shoes and i got blisters and they are still there and super painful. there are some super nice people here but im pretty sure everyone here thinks im crazy. which i am. our district is so nice and they work really hard. i feel bad cause i get distracted or laugh really easily. also its cool cause theres so many latinos here that just come for 2 weeks. the first night it was just me and my companion in one house which was sorta sketch but then some latino sisters came the next day. its way fun to talk to them in my terrible spanish. but my spanish is getting better. we eat breakfast everyday and then have personal study and then like class and then more personal study and then lunch and then more study and then GYM TIME for an hour in which we usually play volieball and then more study and just like so much studying basically. the teachers are nice and really helpful. one of our teachers is american and one is hispanic but they are both great and funny.

the food is alright. a lot of tortillas and beans and i eat fruit and lettuce and they always have some crazy bread things. i also am still drinking a lot of water, my companion already noticed how often i pee. lolz. but also its sorta lame because girls and guys cant sit together at meals. but i met some nice girls but there their schedules changed so im sad.

oh also the first morning the latino sisters came she accidently woke up at 2 am and thought it was 630. dont worry, i let her know what was up. and then like it was so cute cause during their break they came up to us and wanted to take some pictures with us.

there were a lot of random like rainstorms this week and it always just rains after dinner. and then we were walking home at like 930 and it was raining and then all of a sudden it got sooo bright and it was loudest thunder ever. i was a little scared.

i really miss peanut butter
we get an hour for lunch and usually we eat in 30 and then i lay on the ground for 30. and everyone asks if i have died. its probably not allowed but no one has stopped me yet. also because of my blisters i walk around barefoot alot and its really nice. oh also during gym time i went on the bike. they have a lil gym.

we have this thing called TALL and its just like learning spánish on the computer and like the first time we went everyone was so confused and there was no teacher but it was fun. its super hard to stay focused by like 8pm though. we taught an investagator in spanish like the 3rd day here. so that was interesting.  im already sick of my clothes.

saturday didn’t feel like saturday at alll. we just worked and ate and then we played vb like always. TALL is cool and really helpful

wearing a watch is pretty convenient.

there’s like a hundred fireworks everyday and no one knows why. at first people said they were guns so i was a little concerend but then i saw the fireworks. but seriously there are so many and for no reason.

our teachers tell us to sit with the latinos at lunch and talk to them so we do sometimes

sunday was coool. church was nice and there were devotionals about like saying specific prayers which was neat. on thursday they were like “we are gunna pick some people to talk on sunday but everyone needs to prepare a talk.” luckily i didnt have to. i didnt really write a talk.
on monday i wore my hair in buns and some people liked it

on tuesday we were supposed to have a service project but there was terrible planning and we ended up just like washing a building. my district is the best. sorry this email was the randomest thing ever. i love you guys and i misss everyone so much. but its way cool to be here. im learing so much and just like loving it. its so cool to look out and see these like mountains with houses on them. cause sometimes i forget i’m in mexico. i dont really understand the mail system cause this one guy was telling me about it but i wasn’t really listening. ill try to figure it out though. thanks for being so awesome

alsooo i am liking the atmosphere here it is soo spiritual and like we were teaching this investagotor lady.  anyways i forget what the lesson was on, but i was bearing my testimony at the end and i started crying. i feel the spirit so much here and i love it. also i can pray in spanish now and bear my testimony. send me some pictures please we can print them out for free.  also ya my p day is wednesday and we get to go to the temple every other week so thats cool.

i loveeee you bye

I’m Alive!

 i am at the mtc in mexico. its raining. i was on the plane by myself..there were no other missionaries. but it was interesting and this guy sitting next to me asked for my number. then after baggage claim they were just like 2 men with the mtc signs. and i went with them. and they had me change 20 dollars for pesos. and then i just got put in a van and the driver started talking spanish but he wasn’t talking to me, he was just using his bluetooth. luckily we picked up like 6 other missionaries at the other airport. 2 of them are coming to vancouver. hope you are having a swell day. love you all