See you Wednesday


On Saturday Hermana Gomez put a chocolate in my bed to be nice so then I put it in my pocket so it wouldn’t get messed up. I forgot it was in my pocket and we went into this house that was really hot. I took my jacket off and kept it on my lap and then forgot again and at the end of the lesson I looked at it and it had melted everywhere and I was like uhhh.  Then my companions saw and they laughed at me and then I had to explain to the people we were visiting that I wasn’t laughing at them, I just spilled chocolate everywhere.  The investigator got me windex. But I put it in the wash and everything is good!!!

It was my last week & it was way good!!!!!! We found a ton of new people (10 new investigators) to teach and we had some fun times.  I always forget that there really are a ton of people who would love to hear about the gospel but just haven’t found it yet. An English sister came with us and so we have been rocking out as a trio.

IMG_3432I bought a piñata that was a unicorn cause one of my lil friends asked me to. So on Tuesday we had a quick piñata party. Then we visited some members that just moved here from portland who were cool and really wanted us to eat their Chinese food they had just made. We brought another member and her daughter B, who I love. She is the one that bore her testimony when I did a few weeks ago.

I went to my last zone meeting ever. I will miss those a lot. I remember at the beginning of my mission I always thought everyone else knew more than I did, but I love how everyone participates and everyone has something helpful or innovative to say. There are so many amazing people that have given up a lot of stuff to come on a mission.

After the meeting we ate lunch and the spanish missionaries made me a really big burrito full of a lot of lettuce. So that was nice of them.IMG_3434

We always talk to the ladies in the lobby at the apartment and ask if there’s anything we can do to help them and then they asked if we could decorate the big Christmas tree in their lobby! It was kind of a lot of pressure cause like all the residents will see it and I am not that good at decorating trees, but it was actually fun & I think it turned out pretty well.

Two of the people we taught this week were A and C. We sang her a Christmas song first and then she said we could come back a few days later and she was totally right and happy to talk with us. Then C came in and was like why are there so many churches and we were like woaaah we can tell you!! Teaching people is so fun and exciting. I feel like I get boring just talking about teaching people but I really have enjoyed it. Like you just feel so good and happy to tell people that God really loves them and cares about them and they can make promises with him to get blessings on blessings. It’s a good time of year.  I know that Jesus was the first gift and that we can read about him in the Bible & the Book of Mormon.

I’m way grateful for everything I’ve learned and experienced while on my mission!! See you on Wednesday!!









See you Wednesday...

See you Wednesday…


nos vemos

Sister Hannah Scow

Thanks Grandpa! Thanks Grandpa!

Last night we got to go to a baptism in Gresham. Seeing all my friends there made me really happy. And then when I said I go home like next week they were like nooo I thought you would get transferred back. Someone I was visiting is going to the Temple on December 27th to get sealed and they invited me I was so excited and I really wish I could go. I seriously didn’t know if they were ever going to get sealed in the Temple! And now they are, but I will be in California. Oh well what can you do. Anyway, those friends in Gresham are the best.

On Tuesday we had the mission Christmas conference so we all got to go to the Portland Temple, which was awesome in itself. And then we all went to a church and ate some like thanksgivingy dinner and mingled and then…

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nos vemos

Thanks Grandpa!

Thanks Grandpa!

Last night we got to go to a baptism in Gresham. Seeing all my friends there made me really happy. And then when I said I go home like next week they were like nooo I thought you would get transferred back. Someone I was visiting is going to the Temple on December 27th to get sealed and they invited me I was so excited and I really wish I could go. I seriously didn’t know if they were ever going to get sealed in the Temple! And now they are, but I will be in California. Oh well what can you do. Anyway, those friends in Gresham are the best.

On Tuesday we had the mission Christmas conference so we all got to go to the Portland Temple, which was awesome in itself. And then we all went to a church and ate some like thanksgivingy dinner and mingled and then each zone sang a Christmas song and it was pretty. But then I realized that I will probably never see a lot of these people again so that was interesting. HCS12-8-14 9

Other good things this week was that P came to church!!!!!!!!! And so did the G family!! Sunday miracle!!! We continue to talk about Jesus with everyone and they usually like it.

We met some members that just moved here from Portland and they have been through a trial and a half. So many people we meet have just been through a ton of stuff and it really has put things into perspective for me.

It’s kinda weird to think that I will be home kind of very soon. And then I have to think about so many things. Yayy, i love my family. I love my friends. I love my mission. Have a splendid week. Nos vemos.

La semana de hielo

HCS12-1-14 4 I looooove all the pictures you sent!! And all the info about the trip! My family is cool. Every week I keep getting more excited to see you all and there’s like a Mormon Message called My Fun Family Vacation and I’m like ahh I get to see my family so soon! That’s fun that you did glass blowing and made so many pizzas. We ate thanksgiving with some Colombians and had like huge tamales and aripas or something. And then all the missionaries that are in Vancouver west got to hang out with the mission president and his wife and eat pies that he made.  oh my goodness, it was the best pie of my life.  I don’t really like pie but it was so good. Pumpkin flavor. Tommorow we get to go to the Portland Temple as a mission cause it’s almost Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas everyone should watch He Is the Gift. It’s on YouTube (  We usually show it to people on our iPads but one time we got to watch it on someone’s big screen tv. I know that Jesus loves us and as we remember why he came to earth and what he taught and we apply it to our lives, we can be happier and feel purposeful. Feeling purposeful is a good feeling. It is something I’ve really enjoyed about serving a mission. Even though there are always people that aren’t interested, there are also people that are interested and are willing to make little changes now to be happy for eternity.

Saturday was one of the best days this week. It was sunny and we were able to meet and teach a lot of people. One of them was S. We knocked on her door and I may or may not have been kind of hula dancing to imitate these statues she had on the window sill.  Anyway, she opened the door and said she was busy cleaning but we chatted with her and she told us her boss had died recently and she was pretty distraught about that. We asked if we could come in and she was pretty hesitant cause she said it was messy. I’m like oh it’s totally fine we don’t care. We shared the video called Because of Him (  which is about everybody living again.  We will all be resurrected just like Jesus was. She really opened up more and told us about a dream she had where God appeared to her and told her to believe in him and trust him. I love when people tell me about dreams that they have and then we are like well there is a reason you had this dream. Anyway, she said she doesn’t usually let random people into her house and she doesn’t even usually open the door but she felt like she should. It was awesome. Not everyone realizes that God is in the details of their life. And she did. She knew that there was a reason she let us in and she said she would love to have us keep coming back.

And then after the sun went down it was pretty frigid. But we knocked on J’s door and she let us in!  She remembered that like 4 years ago missionaries on bikes from our church brought her medicine when she was sick. And she has some mormon friends in Mexico. She was just cool and very open to our message. We talked about how God teaches little by little and as we keep going back and asking more questions he will keep answering.  But he is not just going to overwhelm us with more information than we can handle.

God is very lovable. And I’ve so much enjoyed this time I have been able to dedicate to Him….To teach others and myself more about Him and how we can reach our full potential in this life.  Thank you for your support and kindness.  I love you!  Happy December!



see you soon

Today we hiked in some caves.

Last night we went to someone’s house and helped them assemble their plastic Christmas tree. There is a new little video the church put out.  It is called He is the Gift.  It is short and powerful and I love it. (We showed it to a different lady who we just met and when it finished she was like can we watch it again hahhaa I’m like ohhh heck yes. ) Anyway, it’s the coolest members from Guatemala and they fed us plantains and cheese and hot chocolate. And the other night we ate some papaya and pineapple.

We brought LP  to our lesson with H. But the kids were recklessly detracting from the spirit so I got to take the role of keeping them quiet and testifying of the plan of salvation. I really love kids but i probably love more when people feel the spirit and realize what we are teaching is true.  H really can change his life around if he wants to and he puts in some effort.

A brought us over to meet her friend and the friend made us coffee which we had to politely decline. And then she made us hot chocolate. She told us that her husband passed away a few years ago and how she thinks about him all the time. I testified of the Temples and that if done by the authority of God, marriages can last for eternity. She said we can come back. She’s going to California for a while though..and A is going to Mexico for like 3 months. Way too classic.

I really enjoy being a missionary and being able to tell them that God loves them a lot.  Everyone still just always seems so busy working and going to the store and cleaning and doing all these good things, but they forget the bigger picture.  We are here so we can find the path that leads to eternal life! We all lived with God as spirits before this life and he wants every single one of us to be with him forever!

I love you forever!  See you soon!!

being a missionary is the greatest!

HCS11-17-14 5

saying good-bye in Hood River a couple weeks ago…


So this week was like the coldest thing ever. One day it was so windy and then the next day it started to snow. But it’s  not as cold anymore.

A member referred us to her friend who has cancer. And we have been visiting her. She told us she lies on her bed all day and at night she can barely sleep. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation and about how we lived with God before we came to earth. There is more to life than just this time on earth. And her husband was there too. At the end we invited him to say the prayer before we left. He was hesitant but we all kneeled and he said a prayer. It is amazing to just feel the Spirit in a home when someone prays for the first time.

We visited this lady that I taught when I was here last year and it’s so fun to see her. She has been working a ton  (alllll of our investigators work a ton) but we were kind of by her house so we decided to just stop by. She let us in and I shared the talk I love by Elder Bednar. It was that story he shared of his sons playing outside. The one son got hurt and the other one cleaned him and put cream and band aids and then the younger son went out and put cream on his friends and bandaids and it was related to why as members of the church we love sharing the gospel.  Anyway, it really impacted her cause she has been selling Avon hand cream hahahhaha , she’s a really funny lady.

But seriously so many of the people who are interested in learning are so busy. They are just working all the time to support their families here. But it’s like ahh this is what your family needs! This will bless you now and forever.

We are teaching some teenage girls and they have questions on questions. We brought one of the young women and everyone was edified. They want to be baptized.

And last week this girl that the elders had taught in the past came to church.  She is in high school, but not really cause she got expelled. But we visited her and she made us hot chocolate. She just seems so lost. Sometimes I feel lost and I get caught up in things that don’t even matter. But then I try to focus on an eternal perspective. But for this girl she just seems confused about everything.  Like it makes me sad.  I just want to help her realize that God has a plan for her and like if she just sincerely asks for guidance and help, He will help. I’ve felt that in my life. I know that everything will work out if we have faith in Jesus and try as best as we can.

On Friday we had a lesson with this guy and his mom visiting from Mexico, they are from like exactly where we were in the CCM (missionary training center). They have been to the visitors center and I got to teach the mom while Hermana Porter taught the son. It’s fun to just have real conversations with real people about things that have helped me. Being a missionary is the greatest.

HCS11-17-14 9

Hermana Porter and Hermana Scow



HCS11-17-14 6

so sad to say good-bye to this great friend.



HCS11-17-14 3

wonderful companions from the past!


It was sunny finally…popsicles!

HCS11-10-14 2

Today it was sunny!! Which is a miracle in itself.

On Wednesday we had a lesson set up with this guy. But there’s the rule like you can’t just teach a single man so it was getting close to the time and I was like uhh lets just call A, she lives kind of by him. She hasn’t come to church for a few years but we have been visiting her and on Monday night she gave us tacos. Anyways, she said she would be able to go, so we pick her up and she’s like who are we visiting and we tell her the name and she’s like oh I know him. His brother married my daughter! Craaazy.he was so suprised to see her. We taught about Jesus and baptism and she was like testifying of things and it was good on a lot of levels. Also, side note, she came to church this week!!!

Then we went to visit this lady who is friends with a family in the branch. And so this girl answered the door and I totally just acted like we knew them already and she let us in. The lady is very ill and so she is just in bed all day and we talked about the atonement and it was spiritual.

One of the members from Guatemala was really stoked about the Temple that just got dedicated there and so he called us and wanted to show us the cultural celebration. It was beautiful to see how happy he was. He said he watches it like everyday. I love how there are Temples all over the world and they embrace the culture of the place at the dedications. Then I was dying to find someone from Guatemala to tell them about the temple, and the next night we found this cool guy! And he is from the exact city where the Temple was built and I was like woah call your family and ask about it. I may or may not have written it on the back of a restoration pamphlet. Free present!

Yesterday the elders gave me a huge bag of lettuce that they had for some reason. It was awesome.

This week was nice. I am grateful to be a missionary. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is God’s church. I know that the prophets and leaders are called of God. And we are all exactly where we need to be. God loves us enough to allow us to learn and be stretched. And a positive attitude can bring about a ton of good. Have a cool week!!!  I love you!

HCS11-10-14 3

A talking parrot named Kesha

HCS11-10-14 11

Sister Shmockel

HCS11-10-14 14

My friend has a giant Pokemon card!

HCS11-10-14 10

i’ll see you so soon it’s pretty ridiculous

Monday was the best cause we played soccer during the day, and the car wash guy paid for our car wash, and we taught 4 lessons at night. One of which was J who lives with A. We had a lesson planned with A but then J was sitting in the kitchen and I felt like I should talk with her. So Hermana Porter taught A in the dining room haha and it was so pleasant.  J had some questions about being missionaries and I had some questions about her life and we talked about so many things. In her teen years she had been searching for a church and had even attended our church and met with the missionaries but a real deal breaker for her was about blacks not receiving the Priesthood before. She also explained her concerns about having like a leader of the church who just tells you what to do. And my thoughts were, the question is like well is it just a man who has decided to start a church and make rules, or does Jesus Christ have a representative on the earth today just as he did in the past. But it was such a calm conversation, and it was very enjoyable to just casually talk with her about her beliefs. One thing that we definitely agreed on is the power of a personal testimony. When you have an experience and you feel that something is from God or something is true, then someone else’s argument cannot change your mind. And I just loved that. Because it is so easy for other things to get in the way and destroy things that we believe, but to remember feelings are sometimes more important than logic is crucial. Somethings we will just not understand completely right now. God has a much larger point of view and it talks about this kind of in Dieter Uchtdorfs talk from conference. I really love that talk.

Tuesday night I helped a kid with his homework. Wow I really didn’t understand how blessed I was to grow up with parents who helped me with my hw and controlled how much tv I watched. It makes me so sad to see all these kids who have a ton of potential but aren’t taught or helped by their parents. It doesn’t seem fair that some people are just raised in different situations but I guess that’s how life is and we are all where we are for a reason.

Exchanges with Shmockel were grand. Except we like started talking to this 12 year old girl who was outside and we invited her to come to the Halloween party with her family and we watched a mormon message together. And then we walked away to visit other people but then she like came after us and asked to use our phone cause she was locked out. So we were like okay. She called her grandpa but then handed us the phone and I’m like uhh I don’t know what to say so I was just like hey we are here with your granddaughter and she said she is locked out. And then he like started cussing at me and asking who I was and said that he was going to call the police on us. I’m like “woah girl I don’t think this is your grandpa”, she was like it is and then she proceeded to call him again and not talk but just hand us the phone and he wasn’t happy still so we were like uhh we have to go and it was the weirdest thing ever, then he called us a few more times but we didn’t answer. I have no idea what ended up happening but it was sketch.

But then the day got better cause at night we taught a guy and Sister Shmockel doesn’t speak Spanish so I taught the whole lesson and would like translate for her testimony and stuff, which was actually cool and powerful. But I talked about Joseph Smith and showed him the picture of him in the Sacred Grove, and then he tells us he had a dream about that last week!!! That the picture looked so familiar. Too classic.

On Halloween we went to the ward Halloween party and then we had a zone Halloween party where we played this interesting game where you make animal noises and have to remember things. I ate waaay more pumpkin chocolate chip cookies than I should have. And a caramel apple that I made.

Saturday was greaaaat!! We had a zone comp study with President Taylor. He is the man! He always has something so inspired to say. Then later in the day we taught some cool lessons to cool  people. This one family  had the missionaries teaching them in Happy Valley and now they moved here and we are teaching them. We talked about faith and repentance and the youth were really intellectual. Like I am very sure I wasn’t that wise when I was their age.

Then I remembered where this person lived from when I was here last year and so we knocked on the door but the people spoke to us thru the window cause maybe we looked threatening or something, but they just moved in 8 days ago from Mexico. Jackpot!!

It’s good to be alive. Even though it’s raining more often than not. But I am enjoying it. I’ll see you so soon it’s pretty ridiculous. Hope your Halloween was good and your day of the dead, and anything else that has been celebrated recently. I love you!!!!!

everything really is worth it

the kids love my iPad

the kids love my iPad

This week really was good. I’m not sick anymore so that is a huge plus. We have been getting to know the people here in Vancouver. And they are awesome.

We were able to teach a 15 year old girl about baptism. She went on a tour of the church and told us she really felt good when they were by the baptismal font. She told us that she had been talking to her sister like shoot I wish we had been baptized in this church instead of as babies and we got to share with her that she can be baptized in this church, the same way Jesus Christ was and by the authority of God. She told us

what she has gone through in life and I was just like woah that is admirable to have such a positive attitude about it. So many youngins are so wise. It amazes me!

On Sunday we were invited to give our testimonies cause we are the “new” missionaries in the branch so I asked this little girl if I went up to give my testimony would she also. She kept going back and forth trying to decide and then I went up and then I sat next to her and she was like okay I will do it. And when she finished she was so happy and she saw her mom was even crying because she was proud of her daughter. It was just so sweet. I love being back with all my kid friends here in Vancouver.

The branch here is the coolest. All of the families are so unique and lovable. I feel so blessed to get to know them. Yesterday there was a lesson in relief society about being grateful and everyone got to say what they were grateful for and pretty much all of them said they were grateful for the missionaries that first knocked on their door. I didn’t know them before they joined the church but I know them now and can only imagine how much their lives have changed by applying the gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ. It makes me wonder about maybe one day some of the people that we talk to on the streets will join the church and then everything will be worth it. Everything really is worth it. Being able to talk with my brothers and sisters about how much God loves them and what we can do to live with him again is truly such a treat.

Thank you for your love and support and for what I have learned from you. I am trying to enjoy every moment and I am liking it. Every experience can be positive and/or beneficial. It is kind of crazy that I will be home before Christmas. But I’m excited to see everyone. I love you!!!!!!!!

Back to Vancouver…

HCS10-20-14 5Leaving Hood River was sad and to make it even better right when I got to Vancouver I got sick. Well like the next day. But when we got to the apartment it was a terrible mess and it was very gross and we probably should have taken a before picture cause literally the fridge had like moldy food and everything about it was bad. I’m pretty sure that’s how I got sick. Because I was totally fine in Hood River and then when I woke up on Thursday morning it was like boom sickness. Being sick as a missionary is the worst, it’s probably like being sick as a mom cause you still are expected to do so many things but it’s 10 times harder to focus.  Anyway, I’m not like about to die or anything, even though it kind of feels like it. Today we are just going to rest because Hermana Porter is starting to feel sick too. I just wish it would go away faster.HCS10-20-14 8

Wednesday was transfers and of course it was raining. We got to the apartment and it was quite dirty so we had to clean it real quick and then we went out and visited people we had taught a year ago. Hahhaha it was interesting and the people actually remembered us!

Church yesterday was fun cause I got to see all of the people I knew from last year!   We are still trying to figure out who everyone is and what they have been taught and stuff so that has been good,

HCS10-20-14 1On Thursday night we visited M and she had just killed chickens and was like plucking them and she said we could read her conference talks while she did it. haha So I like strengthened my gag reflex, I guess. Like I don’t want to be too graphic but there was literally a tupperware full of chicken heads. HCS10-20-14 2




Anyway, everything is pretty awesome here except that I am sick but I know I will be better soon! I love you!  Bye!